Tower Loan Careers – Key Functions

Posted: November 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Tower Loan careers are exciting and fast-paced, and the people who have them say they are delighted with the many rewards that come with working for a company that was named one of the best places to work in the State of Mississippi.

Tower Loan is a rapidly growing and progressive consumer loan company. With corporate offices in Jackson, Mississippi, Tower Loan has branch offices in more than two hundred cities in Mississippi and four other states. The company is always looking for bright and energetic people to start new Tower Loan careers, and the people who are already there love the competitive salaries and great benefits they receive.

“A typical day at work is made up of making phone calls and processing personal, automobile, and mortgage loans,” said one Tower Loan Customer Service Representative. “I learned what was necessary to legally disperse a loan to someone and all the legal documents that are needed.”

Placing and receiving telephone calls is one of the key functions of a Customer Service Representative. They must solicit all customers at the office counter, receive and apply mail payments and counter payments to customer accounts, and process loan applications in a thorough and efficient manner.

But one of the most coveted Tower Loan careers is Manager Trainee. The Manager Trainee is an important role within the company because it is the fast track to advancement. Manager Trainees perform all of the functions of a Tower Loan manager as they go through the training process, but if they complete the training successfully then they are placed at branch offices in other cities and can begin working their way up in their Tower Loan careers.


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