Tower Loan Careers – A Dynamic Workplace

Posted: November 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Tower Loan careers offer an exciting and dynamic workplace for people who are willing to work hard to better themselves and the company.

One of the fastest ways for people to get ahead in their Tower Loan careers is to become a Manager Trainee. “I worked for Tower Loan for two years,” recalls one former Manager Trainee. “I was hired as a Manager Trainee and promoted to a Branch Manager when my training was complete. People in this company are very hard working!”

The training program for Manager Trainees includes completing the company training manual. Manager Trainees learn how to collect loans, how to take and process new loan applications, and how to make credit decisions. They also perform all of the duties that a manager performs. It is demanding and detail oriented work that takes complete dedication and focus, but the right kind of people are able to turn the experiences and training into rewarding Tower Loan careers.

Another key position that many people are able to turn into rewarding Tower Loan careers is that of Customer Service Representative. The Customer Service Representative, or CSR, is usually the first person that customers see when they walk into the front door of one of the more than two hundred Tower Loan branch offices. The CSR greets customers in a friendly and professional manner and finds out about their installment loan needs. The CSR also spends a lot of time on the telephone.

For a lot of people, being a Customer Service Representative is the perfect job. “It was wonderful meeting new people over the phone and in person,” recalled a former CSR. “I would enjoy doing that again.”

More than eight hundred people are currently enjoying their Tower Loan careers.


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